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      Neary Khmer  - Cambodian Women    

“Cooperatively relieving poverty to uplift Siem Reap’s
most impoverished and maligned”.

Neary Khmer is a local Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). It is not for profit, is non-religious, apolitical, and non-racist. 

Neary Khmer Tonle Sap lake family
Neary Khmer staff are dedicated to working with the poorest, most vulnerable and disadvantaged women and their children in rural Cambodia.  They only operate
in Siem Reap Province, which is one of Cambodia’s poorest provinces.

The hardship endured by the people exists in stark contrast to the luxury enjoyed by many of the two million+ visitors who flock to see the spectacular Angkor Wat each year. 

Neary Khmer was founded in 1998 by staff of Australian Volunteers International and the Centre Canadien Détudes Et De Cooperation International (CECI) Food Security Project. It was registered with the Ministry of Interior in 2002.Neary Khmer is proud to be one of just 36 NGOs (out of many thousands in Cambodia), which has achieved voluntary accreditation in Governance and Professional Practice (Quality Assurance) by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia.  This was first achieved in April 2011 and NK is in the process of updating their accreditation.

Neary Khmer's work focuses on the areas of health, water, education, enterprise, agriculture and resilience. Its staff members are all locals who work cooperatively with commune councils, district authorities, and health centre staff; implementing projects through a network of village leaders and volunteers. 

Neary Khmer has been involved in many community development projects including:

• Nutrition of children, pregnant and lactating women including growth monitoring and rehabilitation of malnourished children
• Home gardening to improve nutrition and increase disposable incomeNeary Khmer child nurition program Tonle Sap
• Access to safe water – rain water harvesting, drilling of wells, water filters
• Improved water systems for irrigation, home gardening such as water hand pumps, constructing and rehabilitation of irrigation channels
• Animal husbandry (pigs, chickens) and agriculture
• Aquaculture (fish raising) 
• Women in governance
• Micro finance and savings groups
• Community rice banks
• Small business development
• Emergency and disaster management and response 

Neary Khmer has often noted many children living on the Tonle Sap lake are unable to attend school as their parents are impoverished and struggling to catch sufficient fish to make ends meet.  Neary Khmer is hoping to start a project and send some of these kids to school so they can help break out of the poverty cycle.  Please click on the 'give now' button to the right to help us start this project

None of these lake children go to school as their parents live hand to mouth and have insufficient funds to buy uniforms, books and transport to school.  If you are looking for a unique Christmas present for a relative or family, please consider donating to this great cause.  Please click on the 'give now' button to the right


Distribution of water filters to prevent waterborne                           Start-up resources for home agriculture in a
illness and disease                                                                             floating village  
Facilitation of Rice Banks to prevent rice shortagages       Small Business Enterprise in the dry season
in the dry season


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